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Markham Stouffville Cruisers | Feature Car of the Month

Feature Cart of the Month for July 2024

Brian Maguire and his 1959 Chev Brookwood Wagon

I have been a big wagon enthusiast before they were popu-lar. I bought a 1964 Chev Biscayne wagon in 1998. I drove it daily in the summer months for 22 years and 90,000 miles. I said that I would never sell that car. I have since learned to never say never. I have always loved 1959 Chev wagons. They are very rare, difficult to find, desirable and very pricey if you find one. In the back of my mind I wanted one, but never thought I would be so lucky to acquire my dream car.

Feature Car July 2024

In 2019 I was travelling to Bancroft, Ontario with my 1964 Chev wagon and stopped for fuel in Peterborough at Costco. A friend of mine that enjoys classic cars works at the Costco gas bar. That day he mentioned to me that his son, also a classic car enthusiast, had seen a cool wagon on a farm property for sale in Orillia that past weekend.

He showed me a picture and to my astonishment it was my dream car, a 59 Chev wagon. He men-tioned to me that his son was interested in buying that wagon but had to sell a couple of cars first. I knew that the wagon wouldn’t last that long as someone would buy it before he was ready to purchase it.

Feature Car of the Month Continued

My friend agreed and gave me the phone number from his son’s pictures. I immediately phoned the contact number and found out that the 59 wagon was still available. I changed my plans to go to Bancroft that morning and drove to Orillia to see the car. Much to my surprise the car was awesome and priced extremely low. The guy that owned the car was computer illiterate and didn’t realize what he had. He had owned the car for over 20 years and never went to shows with it to entice other classic car collectors to buy it from him. I made the deal with him that afternoon and drove away with two wagons. My wife said I didn’t need two wagons and I was told to sell the 64. I sold the car to a life-long friend that is still enjoying it to this day.

Feature Car July 2024

I have learned that Lady Luck and patience can make your dreams come true. Sec-ondly, don’t procrastinate and buy your classic dream when the time arises. Opportunities only come once, so make the most of them. Every time I get in my 59 wagon for a joy ride happiness abounds.

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