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Haven’t heard of valve cover racing? You literally take a valve cover from a modern or old engine and you put four wheels on it and you run it down a race track. Not only is it quite competitive, but it’s an absolute blast!

There are several theories about how to build them, basically, what others have done is taken a piece of wood and screwed roller skate or skateboard wheels on the bottom and a valve cover on top of the wood. You can get a little more creative and actually engineer a chassis.

Interested in building one over the upcoming long, cold winter to race next spring? Well, here are the specs you must adhere to for your racer to qualify as an entry:

The club is arranging for a custom built track by a local welding fabricator in Stouffville and sponsored by United Soils, which we will be able to assemble and disassemble on location.

There will be cash prizes for the winner, and awards for best design.

So put your creative hats on and start building your ultimate Valve Cover Racer!

Looking forward to the races next summer!

-- Mario Vella

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