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Markham Stouffville Cruisers | Feature Car of the Month

Feature Car of the Month: October 2021

This is Gary’s first summer as a MSC member. He is also a member and past President of the Ford V-8 Club.

Markham Stouffville Cruisers

Gary purchased the Tudor in Gorrie, Ontario in 1986. The Tudor had been derelict for over 30 years in a barn and was not running due to a seized flathead. Over the next 10 years, Gary restored the vehicle himself... the paint was stripped to bare metal and rusty panels were replaced with new from Brookville Roadster, the chassis was sent to a sand blaster to patch and repair the frame, boxed from front to back, then painted executive black. Modified parallel leaf springs were installed with a Super Bell axle and a Posie spring up front. The motor is a 350 Chev. The 350 turbomatic transmission was rebuilt with a shift kit and an 8 inch ford differential. The Tudor rides on American racing wheels and BF Goodrich Tires. Since getting the car, Gary has clocked 110,000 miles as he enjoys driving the Tudor to the States to various car shows. So to make the car more comfortable, he installed air conditioning by Old Air AC from Texas to keep the interior cool and then tinted glass. Because he loves taking the Tudor on long road trips, he purchased a reproduction 1936 Mullins trailer and colour matched it to the car.

Gary isn’t the only member of his family that loves the car as both of his daughters used the beautiful turquoise Tudor on their wedding day. When asked: “Why the Tudor?”, Gary responded, “because I’m a hot rod guy!”

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(Gary also owns a 1932 Duce Coupe which he is currently restoring. So, we can look forward to meeting the Coupe in the near future).

Markham Stouffville Cruisers | Join us on Facebook

Markham Stouffville Cruisers

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Markham Stouffville Cruisers