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Markham Stouffville Cruisers
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Markham Stouffville Cruisers | Feature Car of the Month

Feature Car of the Month: June 2021

Pat joined MSC 9 years ago. He grew up in the auto wrecking business in Markham. As a young boy trying to make a few bucks, Pat would ride his bike around in search of old cars and trucks. He would purchase them for $10.00 or $20.00, fix them up and sell them!

Markham Stouffville Cruisers

In 2015, Pat found the 63 Chev pick up online in California from the original family that had it since new. Pat and Cathy flew to California and fell in love with the truck, purchased it, and had it shipped to Canada. The original owner had rebuilt the truck in 1995, in Sacramento California with the finishing touches completed by in 1996. The truck is powered by ZZ350 engine with a 700R4 corvette valve body transmission with 12 bolt 3.73 differential. Pat stated ”the truck has a late model lowered frame and suspension to make it almost handle like a new truck”. The truck was custom painted in 1995, however, the paint job is still just as good today as it was 25 years ago! Pat updated the interior 3 years ago from cloth to leather. The original owners showed it and had won many awards, and the truck was featured in many magazines in California.

Markham Stouffville Cruisers

Over the years Pat has owned many 50’s and 60’s cars and trucks...but his 63 Pick Up is his favourite. Prior to acquiring the Chev Pick Up, he owned a 55 Bel Air. Currently, he also owns a 1975 Honda Z50 mini trail that is fully restored.

“As I get older my passion for old vehicles keeps growing. Since I am retired from the auto wrecking business my passion is still playing with old vehicles. My wife and I enjoy cruising around in the 63 on nice days and we can’t wait for the nice weather to get out cruising!”

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Markham Stouffville Cruisers

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Markham Stouffville Cruisers