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Markham Stouffville Cruisers | Feature Car of the Month

Feature Car of the Month for June 2023

Peter Falconi and his 1934 Ford Sedan Delivery

The car was originally purchased by Mr. Kenneth H Kellogs of Rochester NY. The car was never transferred to another buyer. In 1934 the car was in an accident and was hit in the front and the frame was bent. The owner put the Sedan in a barn, and it stayed there for all that time until it was sold.

The car came to Canada and the restoration was started by William Cameron from Beeton, Ontario. Because of a pending divorce he was forced to sell his dream hot rod. He sold it to Hugh Brooks from Niagara-on-the Lake and Hugh was responsible for building this hot rod as it sits. I only made it prettier by making a lot of trinkets for it, having leather interior installed, had a 700 R4 trans installed, and changed the rear-end gears to 3:73.

Feature Car June 2023

I purchased the car from Hugh Brooks 24 years ago at the Barrie Flea Market. Just as I was ready to go home from the car show, I saw the Sedan for sale in the last row. After a little haggling with Hugh, he made it clear that the sticker price was the final price because of the 500 hours that went into the body and paint. The car was stunning, so I bought it knowing that the value was there.

Feature Car June 2023

One day my wife and I attended the Holland Landing car cruise. I went for a walk looking at the other cars, while Marlene sat knitting and watching our car when a fellow came by and was sticking his finger in the rad shell crank hole.

Feature Car of the Month Continued

Marlene asked him, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!” He got up and told her that he had started this Hot-rod and asked her where the original rad shell was as the one in the car was not the original one. So, Marlene asked for his number and told him that I would call him after the show.

Feature Car June 2023

When I called him, he told me the story about the car. He asked me where the original rad shell is, because that rad shell was the best unrestored rad shell he had ever seen! I told him that I would ask Hugh Brooks, the fellow I purchased the car from.

Feature Car June 2023

Well, I called Hugh and asked him where is my original rad shell? There was a great silence on the other end (what are the chances eh?) Finally, he told me he kept the perfect rad shell and had another one restored. I don’t need to tell you what I said to him@#!%.

Feature Car June 2023

Markham Stouffville Cruisers | Previous Months Car Feature

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