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Markham Stouffville Cruisers | Feature Car of the Month

Feature Car of the Month for May 2022

Meet Mario Vella and his Mercury M47 Pick Up Truck

For most members, Mario needs no introduction as he has been a constant and reliable presence at our Wednesday cruise nights. His calm demeanor, business experience, and willingness to lend a hand where needed make him a valuable asset to the Executive committee team and a pleasure to work with. He was instrumental in initiating and organizing our Valve Cover Racing track project. So, it is my honour to showcase Mario’s stunning, award winning truck. Here is Mario’s story…

Feature Car May 2022

All little boys grow up playing with Hot Wheels and Match Box cars. So, it wasn’t a surprise that as I got older my love for classic cars continued.

When I was 18, I bought my first vehicle - a 1982 CJ7 Limited Edition AMC Jeep. I still have it, and it’s now a classic, but I no longer drive it.

Feature Car of the Month Continued

Continued from previous column

I had been looking at Classic Cars for about a year, before I found my 1949 Mercury M47 Pickup. A Canadian made Mercury is rare, so I knew right away that this was MY new classic car. I bought my Mercury in 2007, and immediately joined Markham Stouffville Cruisers.

Feature Car May 2022

I bought it as is, and then 2 years later I put in a new high performance fuel injected engine that puts out 550 hp. It has appeared in calendars, a couple of Grand Openings, and just recently, it appeared in a “Kids in the Hall” movie. One year we used it for our grandchildren’s fall pictures. Even though the truck has won many awards, for me it’s more about the friends I have made since joining MSC, and all fun I have at all of the shows I attend.

Markham Stouffville Cruisers | Our Image Gallery

Feature Car May 2022 Feature Car May 2022 Feature Car May 2022 Feature Car May 2022

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