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Markham Stouffville Cruisers | Feature Car of the Month

Feature Car of the Month: March 2021

A note from the editor. Happy Birthday to Al Jones who turned 90 years young on February 11 th !

Al’s son-in-law, Pat Ryan, contacted me with a request to reach out to our members to let you all know about Al’s milestone birthday. Thank you to those of you that sent Al birthday helped to make his day extra special. Pat told me that Al was thrilled and overwhelmed by all the emails that flooded his inbox.

Al (and his truck) are long standing members and regulars at our Wednesday night show n shines. He enjoys walking around, admiring vehicles and chatting with the owners. My thanks to Pat Ryan who told me Al’s truck story. It’s a wonderful sentimental story, and I hope you’ll enjoy my retelling....

Al Jones’ 1953 Ford F10 Pick Up Truck

Markham Stouffville Cruisers

Retirement meant that Al had more time to delve back into his passion. In 2004, Al saw the 53 Ford F10 advertised in the paper and thought it looked interesting. When he heard that Kyle didn’t have a summer job that year, Al got the idea that this truck would be an excellent grandfather/grandson project to do together. The truck was kind of a “basket case” as it came with multiple boxes filled with bits and pieces to be put together. While the truck was completed in approximately a year, the memories made and the bond that was forged between grandfather and grandson will last a lifetime.

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To commemorate their accomplishment, the back window of the truck was inscribed; “Built by Ford – Rebuilt by Gramps and Kyle”.

To this day, at the young age of 90, Al still does all his own work on the 53 pickup! Al and Beverley love to take short day trips in their truck and they are counting the days when they can cruise again after Covid is lifted.

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Markham Stouffville Cruisers